Blake Farha, Daan Henselmans and Gaston Stabiszewski of Skeleton Brains, join us for the inaugural episode of What’s The Mate - an Improv Comedy Podcast for the world, by Berliners! 
This week’s Berlin stories inspired scenes about thieving dancers on La Rambla, a high school student who converses with a brown-nosing pooch and we end things off with a hilarious look into the dark future of trashy humans (apparently that’s all of us, even the ones who pay their taxes and help lost children). This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio, with support from the kind people of The Venue Berlin and Hindenburg. 

Follow Skeleton Brains on Facebook to find out where they are performing next. If you’re interested in learning a little Improv while having a proper laugh, these guys also host the weekly Improv Playground at Heile Haus in Kreuzberg and you’re welcome to join! Visit http://www.heilehaus-berlin.de/index.html for more.

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What’s The Mate is a completely improvised comedy show where a rotating cast of improvisers turn Berlin's tales into ong-form hilarity! Join Julia Joubert and her incredibly funny guests for an improv experience unlike any other - it’s so Berlin.