Episode 5: Julie + Tully & Rabbel Magazine

Julie and Tully are the mother-daughter team who started Berlin-based Rabbel Magazine. Jill speaks with them about their move to Berlin, the narratives that Rabbel instills in its readers, and about the importance of diverse, enriching role models for young girls. "Rabbel Magazine is for fierce-hearted preteen girls, replacing stereotype-heavy narratives with inspiring, uplifting, and validating content focused on creativity and global role models." Pick up their latest issue here!

Episode 4: LIZZY & the 3DDD Drum Suit

Vocal Fry is back from a hiatus with (a hay fever-plagued) Jill interviewing amazing Berlin musician LIZZY. LIZZY performs with her original 3DDD 3D printed drum suit, which allows her to get out from behind the DJ booth and dance to her own music. Listen in to hear LIZZY talk all about her life in Berlin, how she performed on the PLANE RIDE to SXSW(!!!), and about her new upcoming album, all while Jill says "woah cool" over and over again.

Lizzy's Website: Lizzy.Berlin
Song: Tiger


Episode 3: Saba Khalid & Aurat Raaj

Saba Khalid is a Berliner from Pakistan who founded Aurat Raaj - an online platform that utilizes tech and AI to educate, empower, and entertain young women in Pakistan. In this episode of Vocal Fry, Saba and Jill talk about how Saba first came to Berlin, the differences between the Pakistani and German startup worlds, and how young girls in Pakistan are utilizing AI and chatbots like Aurat Raaj's "Rajji" to learn about everything from self-defense, to sexual health, to honor killings and much more.

More about Saba: thedoschool.org/ventures/aurat-raaj/
Aurat Raaj: www.auratraaj.com/


Episode 2: Women's Health in Berlin

Alice Backwell is an Australian native living in Berlin, and she’s in the process of a producing a podcast all about the state of women’s health in Germany. In this mini-episode from Vocal Fry, Jill and speaks with Alice about why she decided to produce such a podcast, what issues she hopes to cover, and what Vocal Fry listeners can do to help crowdsource a Berlin guide to women’s health. They also discuss women’s boxing and the upcoming boxing camp for Berlin’s women/non-binary/transgender people coming up this summer.

We're looking for the voices of real people living in Berlin who have firsthand experience with the women's health system. We'd love to hear from you, and of course, anonymity is possible.

To leave resources or tips for Alice: WomensHealthPodcastDE@gmail.com

Opening and closing music by For Joris

Episode 1: The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 

The upcoming Final Girls Film Festival showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, or produced by women. Jill sits down with two of the Final Girls team members to discuss the origins of the Festival, which films are being featured this year, and how women are tokenized in the horror genre.  

Final Girls is taking place from the 1st-3rd of February at B-WARE Ladenkino at Gartnerstraße 19, 12045 Berlin. 

Opening and closing music by For Joris

The show about Berlin's awesome femmes/femme identifying people with Jill Beytin of Bear Radio.

Learn more here.

Art by
Edward Heinrich

Music by by
For Joris