Brazilian TV Producer and Journalist, Thais Nepomuceno joins Rhea at The Tanti Table to talk about the biggest party on Earth- Carnival! As some of us wind down from this week’s debauchery, Thais and Rhea muse over the makings of carnival in Brasil, Trinidad & Tobago, its roots in European colonialism, but also the current wave of grassroots campaigns for a more holistic portrayal of historical narratives on the carnival world stage. Thais is passionate about carnival’s societal importance and tells us about her current documentary about the famed carnival neighborhood of Madureira in Rio de Janeiro.  Follow her cyber analog diary and photography on IG @mydearthais

Transmediale Berlin Bonus episode with scholar, practicioner, poet- Tiara Roxanne! She talks to us about her Mestizo identity, performative practices, and the connection between the colonized body and artificial intelligence. In this fascinating interview, Tiara gives us a sneak peek into her presentation at Haus Kulturen der Welt and a clip of her poem 'A Prayer for the Body' with soundscape band Ionian Death Robes. Follow Tiara’s work at www.tiararoxanne.com

She is a freelance editor, literary consultant, and artist advocate, but a couple of lives ago she worked on a skyscraper in Chicago; the life before that she was overstaying her visa in Chile; and now Traci Kim hosts Berlin’s most successful literary reading series event, Literally Speaking! And she joins us at the Tanti Table to talk about being an advocate for writers, how to get your work featured on stage, and the role of allies in our communities. Follow Literally Speaking @literallyspeakingberlin to keep up with submissions, events, and for your chance to read your original fiction on stage in Berlin!

Our 1st panel tackles tricky topics like intimacy, friendships, and bad dates in Berlin! Are you a hugger? A ghoster? A shadower?? Rhianna is back, so is Sailesh, and new guests Mary and Musa, to examine the dating world through the intersectional lens, and find out how “poor but sexy” Berlin truly is....

French bloggers Aissa & Elia join us to talk about self-development & care, & why every womxn should practice self love. Aissa’s blog, Women of Color aims at breaking stereotypes & fetishization of womxn of color in Europe and Ellia’s SelfLoveTribute uses photography & poetry to narrate the nuances of intersectional identity & gender within LGBTQ+ communities. They lift our spirits in this episode about the importance agency in narration & breaking preconceived notions of the womxn of color. Follow Aissa’s Women of Color at https://aissa-sica.com/ and Elia SelfLoveTribute at https://www.selflovetribute.com/

Creator and editor of the new zine, “What’s Afghan Punk Rock Anyway?” Armeghan Taheri talks to us about her experiences as an Afghan-German writer, lawyer, and artist dealing with all the D’s- decolonization, depression, diaspora, dating and the all-round dopeness of music & writing. Follow Armeghan @ar.meghan and submit to her multilingual/discipline zine @afghanpunk

Writer/comedian/poet, Sailesh Naidu is a consultant in the field of gender/sexuality. We interview him about his work campaigning for youth and sexual minorities specifically through art, empowerment, and love. He tells us stories of fake IDs, New York’s poetry slam scene- even performs a piece for us! Sailesh shares his experience of working with organizations like Pass The Crayon to champion youth art programs, and deconstructing our ideas of gender, masculinity, and territorial boundaries. You can catch Sailesh performing most nights on the poetry and comedy stages of Berlin- Follow him @SaileshNaidu

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