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How a well-known opposition leader evaded capture by the communist authorities for almost five years.


How a photographer from London gave the rest of the world a glimpse of everyday life behind the Iron Curtain.


How Polish opposition activists began transmitting their own pirate radio and 'hacked' communist-run state TV.


How an East German cameraman filmed the first major demonstrations in the GDR from the top of a church steeple in Leipzig. A month later, East Germany would effectively cease to exist.


How a banned singer-songwriter became an unwilling musical hero through his home-copied cassettes.


Meet the headstrong musician who's been viciously rebelling against both of the systems he lived under... and created some truly worthwhile art along the way.


How two actors from East Berlin's leading political cabaret tried to get their message through despite strict state censorship, and what happened when the system they were laughing at ceased to exist.

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Stories From The Eastern West is a podcast telling little-known histories from Central & Eastern Europe that changed our world…

The Final Curtain is a mini-series featuring personal tales from the Eastern Bloc’s collapse.