Having followed his work for many years Bishop Black for The Sex Salon. He's a performer of both arts and porn (often in the intersection) and a strong voice in his community. Moving to Berlin from London 7 years ago - he has lots to teach about the city.

We talk about

- Experiences with Kambo and ayahuasca 
- Fighting for representation as a black, bisexual man 
- The creation of Bishop Black 
- The culture of sex parties in Berlin 
- Porn as kind and why queer people are so openly into it 
- The lesson you learn and choices to make when moving to Berlin 
- The upcoming sex education project; Sex school

Check out Bishop and his work here; www.instagram.com/thebiszhopblaczkx/?hl=da

Music by Ani Klang 
Photo by Michelle Gutiérrez Fernández

This time around Cameryn Moore. Smut Slam Berlin, but she has so many talents, that I wanted to uncover. And most of all, I wanted to know her Berlin.

In this interview we talk about:

The art of being a phone sex operator 
How it's like to work with topics of sex and sexuality in performance arts 
Moving continents for love 
the dirty on tour storytelling event; Smut Slam 
Berlin as a kinky and artistic city

Learn more about Cameron and forthcoming shows; camerynmoor.com

Music by Ani Klang

Enjoy the show!

Meet Hunter S. Johnson - the porn performer with the gonzo inspired name. His love of fluffy animals, orgies and berlin had become interested in hearing his story about coming to the city and integrating into the ethical porn community.

We'll be talking about:

- Why fluffy animals are great 
- Getting into mainstream porn 
- Dealing with a conservative past 
- Engaging with Berlin's queer porn scene 
- His newly released movie; Hunger.

You can follow Hunter on Twitter and be hungry!

Music by Ani Klang

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Jo Pollux; a german photographer and filmmaker with an affinity for movie noir and skin.

We'll be talking about:

- Her fascination with skin 
- Her journey from advertisement to porn production 
- Why body positivity matters 
- Gay porn as a co-creation process with a community 
- Creating porn from authentic desire 
- Her newest project 'As you wish my lady'

You can find out more about Jo Pollux on her webpage; Jopollux.com 
Follow her on Instagram: Jo Pollux 
And pre-order her new photobook here: jopollux.com/album/asyouwish/

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Lots of love, 

In the first episode of The Sex Salon Berlin, you will meet Alex. An American, queer, performance artist, who has dived into the deep end of the city.

We'll be talking about:

- What it feels like getting in a city with only $ 5 in you pocket. 
- Expectations about money and happiness. 
- Hustling as a form of monetised companionship. 
- "Blowjobs before beers" as a dating philosophy. 
- Striving for authenticity in a big city. 
- What home means when you are a nomad.

Enjoy this very first episode of the Berlin series. 
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Lots of love, 

Music by Ani Klang

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The Sex Salon Berlin is a podcast series that reveal the fabric of Berlin. One little conversation at a time. Each episode you’ll meet a person whom chose to move to the city and become a part of this bigger narrative of sexual liberation. The Sex Salon is inviting you into a glimpse of the the scene, the city and the people.