Do you want to know how our shows sound like? Here are some audio clips for you!

Artipoeus - Artipoeus takes listeners on a journey through the world of art, from the biggest museums to the graffiti in the streets, exploring how we use art to cope with the world around us, and discovering the art in us all. Because art is everywhere.


Radio Spätkauf - Radio Spätkauf is Berlin’s English-language news show, keeping international residents informed about local politics, public transport, urban development, culture, bicycles, bars and more. They're currently producing a multi-episode series on the hot mess that the construction of Berlin's new airport turned into, with a reported 150.000+ errors still plaguing a building that was supposed to open in 2012.


About Face - Have you ever thought about those moments that fundamentally changed who you are? Do you remember the exact moment that set you on a path to becoming someone else? This is a podcast about those moments, the decisions, the switchback turns of our lives, the external forces that will us towards change. These are stories about who we were and who we are now.


Europe to Date – News and politics from the heart of Europe, explained by foreign journalists Clare Richardson and Rebecca Ritters. Here's a snippet from their episode about the last German elections.



Berlinothéque – A series of interviews with Berlin’s movers and shakers, those who moved to the city with an ambition or a dream to fulfil and are inspiring others to follow suit. Hosted by Duarte Azevedo from Portugal.


Berlin Briefing - Abby Ross Menacher and Albert Menacher browse local news stories (mostly reported in German) every weekday morning and report them back in a succinct five-minute (or less) audio summary. In English. Here's what a normal day sounds like on their show.