Podcast Recommendations Pt. 1

European Podcast Recommendations byJudith Langowski 

"Die Kalte Stadt" - 1929, Episode 1. Berlin has reached the phase of the year when it's showing us its cold, cold heart. And its dark soul. This soul is original to the city, as the new podcast "1929" by the Berlin broadcast station RBB shows. Using original radio recordings and intensive historical research, this six-part series draws us into Berlin's street and the people that lived in its tenements in the Twenties. The first episode tells the story of a woman who was found dead in her apartment. I can't shake the feeling that she could have lived just across the hall from me ...
Episode 1 - Die kalte Stadt//The cold city (in German)

"Emma" - La Poudre, Episode 37. "One is not born a woman, one becomes one" - this ubiquitous quote by French feminist Simone de Beauvoir shines deeply through each interview of host Lauren Bastide with her guests. In this episode, it's the comic illustrator Emma. Many will know her very precise illustration of the "Mental Load" that women have to carry in almost every relationship. Bastide talks to Emma about how she became a woman and how her previous work as a developer helped her form her feminist identity.
La Poudre - all episodes (in French)*
*For all non-French speakers, good news: La Poudre has started translating some of the interviews into English, for example with the Moroccan-born author Leila Slimani.

"Trauer: Alles darf, nix muss" - Endlich, Episode 3. The hosts of Endlich, Susann and Caro, decided to make a podcast about something very few people like to talk about: death, dying, and mourning. The two became friends over the shared experience of having lost someone dear. With their guests they talk about death and pop culture, how class affects dying, or how to mourn. Their solution: Mourn your way, mourn however you want! One hour of knowledge and advice, not only for people who are mourning.
Trauer: Alles darf, nix muss (in German)

Bear Radio Podcast Recommendations by Jill Beytin

Jill and Cameron Cook have an upcoming pop punk & emo nostalgia podcast called Friends And Girls! From Paramore to New Found Glory and Brand New, they discuss how seminal albums shaped the pop culture and teen angst of their youth. Stay tuned for the release on November 30, when you can catch them supporting the podcast atEmo Night Berlin!

In the latest episode of Lost And Sound In Berlin, Paul Hanfordexplores how creating the right environment is so key to making music. Ulrike Haage, pianist, sound artist and composer talks about the way food unlocks creativity, and then over on Warschauer Straße, Tom and Nadine talk about what inspired them to build the Michelberger Hotel, and how this space inspired a music festival.

While Bear Radio produces season two of What's The Mate?, you can head over to Bear Radio and binge-listen all TWELVE episodes of our fantastic first season (recommended while digesting Christmas/Hanukkah feasts). From the confusing line at Mustafa's Kebab ("It's not a club?"), to the deafening ambulance sirens in the city, WTM brings hilarity to the everyday goings-on of Berlin.

Stay tuned for a new season of Kate Leismer's About Face podcast, to be released in early December! "About Face is a podcast that explores the inner lives of those who have gone through trauma, conflict and other dramatic life events and turnarounds. Each episode features a new theme and guest who talks about their darkest moments and challenges and in turn, how those moments have shaped them, what their pain has taught them about life and themselves. It is a storytelling and interview podcast that digs deeper into our emotional lives, removing the stigma of our deepest and darkest struggles around addiction, family discord, illness, divorce, death and loss, legal issues, and social conflict."