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At Mixtape Menage we personally invite various cultural facilitators in the city of Berlin to come and play whatever it is they feel like in whatever order they feel like, so that you can get a little bit closer to the people that are doing things and making things happen in the city!

Today we have Eric of AfricAvenir

Local artist Natasha A. Kelly

And all the way from Detroit Afrofuturist queen Ingrid LaFleur!

Thanks very much to our guests Thandi Sebe and Amina Eisner
Find out more here about Jung, Giftig, und Schwarz

Speaking with Expath on and Internations, helping expats and artists from everywhere with integrating to Berlin.

Jon Carlos Evans of Perfect Entropy Productions.

Perfect Entropy, founded by filmmaker/audiovisual artist Jon-Carlos Evans, is a multimedia arts & entertainment studio/production company/nexus of like-minded artists dedicated to creating projects that bend the boundaries of (audio)visual art in film, video, DVD, live performance, and all forms of visual storytelling.

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Mixtape Menage is a Berlin based show dedicated to the artists, musicians, creators and cultural facilitators of the world!