August 3, 2018

#4 Berlin Music Commission on the Future of Music to Film Synchronization Licenses

In 2017 the global revenue coming from synchronization licenses of music to film, games and TV has increased by 10% - a trend we hopefully see continuing through 2018 as well. However, substantial collaboration between film and music artists and producers - especially at early project stages - remain exceptions. In this episode of Hello, Audio!, we sit with Matthias Jung from Berlin Music Commission to discuss their work as well as the state of film and music collaboration. With guest appearances from Filmnetzwerk Berlin, FilmTech Office and startup platform Gnarle

July 20, 2018

#3 ZEBRALUTION on the Future of Digital Distribution

ZEBRALUTION was founded in 2003 as the first digital distributor for independent music labels in Europe. From having ringtones as their main source of revenue (don’t we all remember Crazy Frog!) to providing distribution and marketing services to over 450 music labels and audio publishers from around the world, needless to say ZEBRALUTION has seen it all! In this episode of Hello, Audio!, we sit with Kurt Thielen, Managing Director at ZEBRALUTION to discuss how digital distribution has evolved and changed those past 15 years: from physical sales to download to streaming to branching out to other digital audio products. Grab a cuppa!


July 10, 2018

#2 Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft on Accelerating Young Music Startups in Hamburg

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft’s core mission is to foster cross-sector collaboration in the creative industry in Hamburg. With music at the heart of it, their publicly funded Music WorX Accelerator is aimed at startups and young entrepreneurs in the music industry (our very own startup Groovecat was accelerated there!) to help develop their ideas. Keep listening to discover the other perks of joining the Music WorX accelerator, and stay tuned, as the final pitches will be taking place in November and are open to external teams — with 5000 euros’ worth of prizes for grab!

June 16, 2018

#1 - Melodrive on the Future of Music and AI

On our very first episode of Hello, Audio!, The Venue Berlin's very own podcast, Helen chats with Andy and Valerio from Melodrive, one of our resident startups. Melodrive is an AI composer that allows any user - no matter their level of musical skill - to create music for their digital content, simply at the click of a button.

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