Yaaaaaassss Tangerine Dream! Come thru!

In this ep, we cover Paramore's rise to fame (even though they were all children at the time), Hayley Williams as one of the few female pop punk icons, and what the hell happened to that woman from the Misery Business video.

Also discussed: Riverdale, the emo swoop™ as cultural appropriation, and, of course, Hayley Williams' Live Journal entries.

Lastly, Jill and Cameron do dramatic readings of their fave emo lyrics from the album, and discuss where the hell the bassist is.

Art by @Eaheinrich

Music by @for_joris

Are you still Screaming Infidelities because your life is a Ruined Puzzle? Do you find yourself always thinking, “Again, I go Unnoticed?” Are you a Saint/Sailor? Well, in this Brilliant Dance of an episode we discuss - you guessed it (or did you?) - Dashboard Confessional’s seminal album, you know, the one we ALL cried to in the bathtub, The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most!

From Chrissy Carbs’ defined jawline, to that ridiculous MTV Unplugged episode, to really feeling like the world was gonna end when you listened to this album - Jill and Cameron prove why Dashboard was an integral part of the pop punk/emosphere.

Art by @Eaheinrich

Music by @ForJoris

Friends And Girls premiers November 30th baby!

Friends & Girls asks the important questions like: "Who's the Beyonce of Warped Tour?," "Did Pete Wentz discover the emo hair swoop?," and "Why are there no women in pop punk?" Join hosts Cameron & Jill as they revisit the angsty music of their youth.