WHEN I WAS... A YOUNG BOY... MY FATHER... TOOK ME INTO THE STUDIO... TO RECORD A PODCAST... In the season finale of Friends and Girls, Cameron and Jill discuss what may be the crowning jewel of mid-00s emo, the alpha and the omega, the nucleus around which we all orbit... My Chemical Romance’s 2006 epic masterpiece The Black Parade. An album, but also frankly a lifestyle, TBP represents the apex of what we find so ridiculously attractive about emo as a whole—introspective yet theatrical, voyeuristic yet larger than life. In short, it’s one of our favorite albums and it’s extra as fuck. While setting out to make the most ambitious record of their careers, Gerard & Co succeeded in taking mall punk to its logical conclusion, and we’ve never been the same for it.

Happy 2019! Thanks for sticking with us for an entire season. These six episodes took so much work and effort on our part, and we’re so grateful for every single one of you who went on this journey with us! Stay tuned very soon for more episodes, and a few surprises up our sleeves (we’re wearing a Jack Skellington jacket we got at Hot Topic). C U L8R! <3

On this week’s very special episode of Friends And Girls, Jill and Cameron discuss an album that has recently gone from being an early-‘00s emo staple to a creepy casualty of the #MeToo movement: Brand New’s 2000 debut LP, Your Favorite Weapon. Yes, Jesse Lacey had been fully cancelled at this point, and our goal with this episode isn’t to redeem Brand New in any way, but to honestly and truthfully explore why misogyny and toxic masculinity is so rampant in every genre of punk, and what we can do to change it.

Often on F&G, we discuss emo and pop punk as a thing of the past, something we’ve grown out of, a guilty pleasure of sorts. And that may be true when we’re exploring our deep-seated, bittersweet love of Allister’s debut album or Gerard Way’s red eyeliner circa Three Cheers era. However, this week we are taking a deep dive into a record that resonates with us to this day, perhaps the crown jewel of late-‘90s midwestern emo, an album that still brings a tear to our eye and makes us want to scribble its lyrics onto our Chuck Taylors. This week, we’re talking about motherf-ing Braid and their classic 1998 ode to introspection and heartbreak, Frame and Canvas. Did Cameron listen to this album on a loop during his last breakup? Does Jill’s mom dance around to “The New Nathan Detroits” in the kitchen for reasons we have yet to ascertain? We can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, but suffice to say that our love for Braid has never waned and we’re excited for you to take this journey with us.

This week, Friends and Girls tackles a major heavy-hitter in early ‘00s pop-punk, NEW FOUND GLORY’s seminal ode to first loves, broken hearts and potentially toxic bromances, 2002’s Sticks and Stones. Yes, they may have been a little too enthusiastic with the cargo shorts, studded belts and terrycloth wristbands, but goddamn it if those boys can’t write a mean three-chord pop song. Follow Cameron and Jill on this trip down memory lane as they dissect exactly why NFG hit us so hard in the feels during out pubescent years, their legendary episode of MTV Cribs, and Cameron’s high school (and current, who are we actually kidding) crush on bassist Ian.

DISCLAIMER: Trigger warning—this episode we tackle the pretty serious subject of sexual assault, so if that’s not something you want to experience, we understand if you want to sit this one out. Also, quick legal disclaimer that all the charges we discuss remain alleged, we are not lawyers nor legal professionals so... bear that in mind!

Art by @Eaheinrich

Music by @for_joris

Yaaaaaassss Tangerine Dream! Come thru!

In this ep, we cover Paramore's rise to fame (even though they were all children at the time), Hayley Williams as one of the few female pop punk icons, and what the hell happened to that woman from the Misery Business video.

Also discussed: Riverdale, the emo swoop™ as cultural appropriation, and, of course, Hayley Williams' Live Journal entries.

Lastly, Jill and Cameron do dramatic readings of their fave emo lyrics from the album, and discuss where the hell the bassist is.

Art by @Eaheinrich

Music by @for_joris

Are you still Screaming Infidelities because your life is a Ruined Puzzle? Do you find yourself always thinking, “Again, I go Unnoticed?” Are you a Saint/Sailor? Well, in this Brilliant Dance of an episode we discuss - you guessed it (or did you?) - Dashboard Confessional’s seminal album, you know, the one we ALL cried to in the bathtub, The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most!

From Chrissy Carbs’ defined jawline, to that ridiculous MTV Unplugged episode, to really feeling like the world was gonna end when you listened to this album - Jill and Cameron prove why Dashboard was an integral part of the pop punk/emosphere.

Art by @Eaheinrich

Music by @ForJoris

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Friends & Girls asks the important questions like: "Who's the Beyonce of Warped Tour?," "Did Pete Wentz discover the emo hair swoop?," and "Why are there no women in pop punk?" Join hosts Cameron & Jill as they revisit the angsty music of their youth.