June 13, 2018

Innovating Kitchen & Work Culture with Kamal Mouzawak of Souk el Tayeb

We’re learning all about how Kamal Mouzawak, founder of Souk el Tayeb (@soukeltayeb), Tawlet and Beit Douma (et al.) , is rocking the culinary sector with social entrepreneurship concepts like no other in Lebanon. Through fostering farmers and producers and employing women to share their local cuisine, Souk el Tayeb’s organizations is actively fostering, spreading and preserving traditional and regional culinary landscapes. #makefoodnotwar

June 6, 2018

Innovating Kitchen & Work Culture with Chef Courtney Storer

Our theme this month is called “Innovating Kitchen & Work Culture” and we’re kicking this month off with Courtney Storer (@_full_court_press), Chef de Cuisine at Jon & Vinny’s (@jonandvinnydelivery) in Los Angeles, CA. Courtney is the boss of a very productive and busy kitchen which demands very grounded and deliberate approaches when it comes to hiring, retaining, mentoring and leading her team. We also unpack what it's like to be a female chef, how she keeps a balanced lifestyle and what she does to support her team every day. #girlboss #boss #86This

May 23, 2018

Unpacking Sustainability mit Peter Duran von Isla Coffee Berlin (auf Deutsch)

Diese Woche der US-Amerikaner und Gastronom Peter Duran zu Gast und spricht mit uns über das Prinzip der Kreislaufwirtschaft, ein Nachhaltigkeitsmodell, das Peter selbst in seinem eigenen Berliner Isla Coffee (@islacoffeeberlin) mit Herzblut lebt und seit Beginn erfolgreich umsetzt. Dieses Jahr wurde das Isla Coffee dafür mit dem DeutschenGastrogründerpreis ausgezeichnet.

This week it’s all about defining what sustainability actually means in business practice with coffee shop owner and expert Peter Duran of Isla Coffee (@islacoffeeberlin) in Berlin.

May 16, 2018

Unpacking Sustainability with Jessica Almy of Good Food Institute

This week it’s all about clean meat with our guest Jessica Almy (@JessicaAlmy),who is the Director of Policy at Good Food Institute(GFI) in Washington D.C. Listen along as we venture into the world of lab-cultured meat, find out why this scientific advance is a very good thing for our health and for the planet, plus we venture to ask: will personal meat makers be a home kitchen gadget in the future?  #cleanmeat

May 10, 2018

Unpacking Sustainability with TrashTiki

This week it’s all about anti-waste practices behind the bar with our guests Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths of the punky Trash Tiki(@trashtiki), a concept that will be sure to keep you ordering more of what they’re serving up. Listen to how Kelsey and Iain define their own personal brand of sustainability education, how to stay savvy in your business and at home as a cocktail enthusiast and how to make the best recycled-ingredient daiquiri EVER. #drinklikeyougiveafuck

May 8, 2018

Hello, welcome to Food On Point with hosts Madeline & Steffi!

Hello world! This is a bonus episode that kicks off the launch of Food On Point. Hosts and co-producers Madeline and Steffi sit down together to discuss the mission for Food On Point, where the idea came from and what you listeners can look forward to in each weekly episode. Join us on this epic journey in diving deeper into topics about the food that we grow, serve and eat.

May 8, 2018

Unpacking Sustainability with Sean Barrett of Dock to Dish

Our theme this month is called “Unpacking The Pillars of Sustainability” and this week it’s all about sustainable wild fishing practices with Sean Barrett, founder of Dock to Dish(@docktodish) based in Montauk, New York. Come along with us for this epic journey into the world of wild seafood, the consumer’s impact on eating fish, why the mantra “know your fisherman” should be on everyone’s mind and why oysters are the best food we can be eating.  #knowyourfisherman

Food on point is a weekly podcast produced in Berlin and brought to you by two ambitious food enterpreneurs, Madeline McLean and Stefanie Rothenhofer. Food On Point hopes to ignite a wide, diverse and international community to engage in deeper conversations about food.