December 7, 2017

Mostafa Balsheh

I met Mostafa Balsheh at a birthday party in Berlin. He had arrived in October 2015 after leaving Lattakia, SYRIA in search of a better life. Mostafa's German is fluent. He sat down and had some tea with us. We asked him: WHAT IS HOME FOR YOU?

December 7, 2017

Julia Rosa Stöckl about her play "Leaving Ziller Valley"

We speak with actor Julia Rosa Stöckl about her play "Leaving Ziller Valley" -- which focuses on the search for a place to belong.
Stöckl talked with us on Skype from her hotel room in Zurich, a fitting location that echoes themes in her play about disconnection and the search for home and identity. 

November 17, 2017

What is home?

 Do you feel lost or at home in the world? Join us as we journey to Canada (Calgary), delve into the past, and then come to the present, in Berlin. But we remain in flight.

July 27, 2017

Empire of Dreams Demo Sample

What does a Mexican artist studying space have in common with a former Vietnamese refugee who calls Canada home? Listen to our audio feature where the journey of space and a fleeing human intersect and we arrive together in one destination: the Empire of Dreams.

We explore human movement which is triggered by fear and hope -- it is a venture into the unknown.

Empire of Dreams is an audio voyage that unravels the stories behind The Story of Migration -- the many dimensions of the human quest: personal, economic, historic, societal and artistic. We explore human journey's through time, outer space, geographies and cultures. Interweaving personal interviews, soundscape, music and dream sequences.

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