There are Comic Cons all over the world and even Berlin’s got one, but for legal purposes, our host, reclusive fantasy author, Edgar Greene Grandedgargreene, has to say this is not actually one of them. Joining him for an unofficial panel are the contractually obligated stage performer Richard Smithwick, cosplay aficionado Melody Steele and Arya Stark herself, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams!

Featuring Carl Clancy (@carlclancy), Antonia Bär (@iambaer), Julia Joubert (@julzjoubert) and guest intro from Julieta Digese.

Disgraced sports telecaster Court Masters is back on The Berlin Open Stage Show to explain how a rugby ball isn’t round and neither is the earth. On this episode he previews the ongoing Rugby World Cup 2019 with another returning guest, special friend and conspiracy theory debunker Ruth Hader Samberg. Joining them are Evonna B. Starr,

Hollywood’s biggest expert on celebrity dirt, and Wheelie Gizmo, star animal specialist.

Featuring Grace Jung (@aechjay) and Amanda King (@attawoman).

It’s… como si dice... party time tonight with your favorite Italian disco DJ! Ricardo is joined by his philanthropist uncle Prego Mille, former love interest and Italian-American Josefina Tomato and his nemesis, superstar musician Angelo Cassio, aka Dr. Calypsound. Ricardo is also joined, as always, by his haunting visions of the forthcoming biblical apocalypse. Salute!

Featuring Michele Guido (@sheley) and Nacho Sanguinetti (@Nachosi).

Summer Calypstep by Shane Ivers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Singer-songwriter and Nobel laureate Bob Dylan is back on the Berlin Open Stage Show to review the Netflix documentary about his 1975 to 1976 tour The Rolling Thunder Revue. Joining him are the director of the film, Martin Scorsese, fellow musician and occasional lover, Joan Baez, and somehow-back-from-the-dead beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

Featuring Matilde Keizer (@MatildeKeizer) and Richard Killiam.

To kick off the third season, we’ve got the return of our summer sponsor: Watr. CEOs Toddy McDough and J. “The Letter J” Mariano have stepped off their private charter plane from the Exumas to reflect on the immediate events of Watr Fest, which have set the social media sphere on FYRE. Joining them are a zenned out, real life music festival producer and an investigative influencer with a chip on his shoulder.

Featuring Brittany Wolf (@sorryurwelcome) and Kevin Napier.

Seat-filling screenwriter Alvin Fadin is back with a thrilling movie script he wrote over a single weekend. Recording live from Mobile Kino’s Lakeside Film Festival, he’s joined by actors Cornelius Ham and Georgina Pilkington-Bucks, as well as acclaimed director Werner Herzog, to read his new masterpiece titled: Forever Hurting My Back. Enjoy this exclusive peak at a coming-of-age film about a diaper advocate with “Benjamin Button’s Disease.”

Featuring Amanda King (@attawoman) and Daniel Stern (@danielandstern).

Nightlife legend Wolfi Steckenpferd records live from the fabled Warschauer Straße party district right after leaving legendary techno club Berghain on a Monday afternoon. Fueled by Watr (and several recreational drugs), he discusses the weekend’s festivities with ice cream expert Gugi, Australian Vice journalist Skeeter McEntire and not-murderer Michael Alig. Similar to NBC’s Thursday night lineup, this is Must Hear Podcasting.

Featuring Josie Parkinson (@josieparkinson) and Andrew Ritchie (@realKetamine).

Fueled by Watr, social media phenom Dennis Glück  (#HubahnsofBerlin) is taking you on a ride around the Ringbahn, the overground train that circles central Berlin. His guests are an overworked tech industry worker, a knitting expert and a demented sportscaster. Also, Irish actor Chris O’Dowd drops by for a few stops! 

Featuring Caroline Clifford, Matt Cutler and Carl Clancy.

The new summer season of The Berlin Open Stage Show is fueled by Watr - the raw water brand which gets you thirsty. In a live recording from Das Improv Festival, CEO Toddy McDough introduces the Watr Festival and plays voice messages from the artists booked to perform. He’s joined by social media expert J “the letter J” Mariano, Russian influencer Nikolai Pizzarat and Chernobyl enthusiast Julia Stalin. Headlining the episode and Watr Festival is the seminal band Wet Diapee, playing some of their hit songs such as “When the Trees Fall Off,” “Non-stop Moisture, “The Story of Bingo Starr” and many more.

Featuring Philip Markle, Devin Bockrath, Katy Berry, Patrick Noth, Kiki Mikkelsen, Jon Bander and Mac Edgerly. As well as recordings from Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir, Jakob Wagner, Amanda King, Noah Telson, Carl Clancy, Marisa Llamas, Caroline Clifford, Nacho Sanguinetti and Josh Telson.

It’s a party! And, not because Season 2 is wrapping up...It’s Trevor’s actual birthday and he’s invited some of his best friends in Berlin onto the stage to celebrate. He’s joined by everyone from his girlfriend to a disgraced horse judge, an inspirational komodo dragon, a knock-off Jerry Seinfeld impressionist, a quantum-leaping game show host, a guy who definitely stays out late and many more.

Featuring Richard Killiam, Andrew Blumhagen, Matilde Keizer, Amanda King, Nacho Sanguinetti, Michele Guido, Mac Edgerly, Julia Joubert, Josh Telson, Dan Stern, Georg Kammerer, Gaston Stabiszewski, Ryan Lozon, Jakob Wagner and Josie Parkinson.

We’re getting ready for the end of our second season and our host this week is getting ready for the end of the world. It’s country radio DJ, Harrison Feeler with his folksy, family-friendly show about the coming End of Days! He’s joined by a doomsday crafts experts, an apocalyptic party animal and a rising pop star with very specific tastes. And be sure to stay tuned for a few of Harrison’s famous “Stories from Lake Newclear.” Who knew the end of the world would be so nice?

Featuring Josie Parkinson (@josieparkinson) and Noah Telson (@telsonia)

Music featured in this episode:

Urban Prairie-Why Worry-Jun 2018-LIVE by Urban Prairie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

Traveling to Lousiana - Soft Delay (ID 1174) by Lobo Loco is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

Infected Euphoria by MachinimaSound is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Extreme Energy by MusicToday80 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Aspiring screenwriter Alvin Fadin returns with a brand new and exciting movie script! This time he’s invited a commercial actor, a child star and his agent to read his latest creation. Crash! Bang!! Fire!!! Boom!!! is a hero’s journey about an everyman, who with the help of a young girl/superhero sidekick and all your favorite Marvel and DC characters (license pending), battle forces of good and evil, capitalism and socialism, Stan Lee and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

Featuring Sara Nere and Josh Telson (@joshwithpowers).

Keen to give the world a glimpse at some of the friendly, human people working, at the company, some Facebook employees signed up for a spot on the show this week. Join Chief Expectations Manager Nelson Datasmith and his client-facing panel which includes attitude sanitator, Tad Murkowski; digital nomad, Theresa April; and personal data evangelist, Elias Beth-Holmes.

Featuring Carl Clancy (@carlclancy) and Brittany Wolf (@sorryurwelcome).

Get ready to hear the most incredible, true, remarkable story ever told on the Open Stage. Podcaster Brian Steves of WEBC Boca Raton and This Listening Life brings together a rock-climbing enthusiast, a bog-haunting investigator and a Faroese sheep herder who share a secret… they are quadruplets separated from birth as part of sociological experiment. If you like real stories that are hard to believe like Serial or This American Life this one’s for you!

Featuring Mac Edgerly (@mildnormal) and Caroline Clifford (@localgrrl).

The night was a lark and full of bellylaughs at Comedy Café Berlin when superfans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones got together in anticipation of season 8 premiering. Host Brian “of Tarth” Covington welcomes his good friends Rosemary Price, Commander Cameron Mourning and comedian Dan Stern to dissect the wonderful world of Westeros and their own tumultuous personal lives.

Featuring Amy Jane (@StuffThusFar) & Dan Stern (@DanielandStern).

What time is it? THAT TIME. What time is it? THAT TIME. Taking over the stage this week are some of the best local talents out of Berlin’s comedy scene: the women of “It’s That Time of the Month.” Listen as they chat about their lives, the historical background of Mary Seacole and improvised scenes that include sexually nosey parents and Berlin’s hottest kitty-kat club. Catch their live show every 2nd Sunday of the month at Comedy Cafe Berlin!

Featuring Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir (@sleepgiddy), Antonia Bär (@iambaer), Matilde Keizer (@thisisongoing) and Marisa Llamas.

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog returns with fellow teachers at for a Masterclass on how to teach Masterclasses. This time around he’s joined by two time Academy Award winning actress Jodie Foster, spirited British culinary expert Gordon Ramsay and Starbucks chairman and potential presidential candidate Howard Schultz.

Featuring Matilde Keizer (@thisisongoing) and Prabhath Pillai.

The technological singularity, the moment where artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence, is fast approaching. Or has it already taken place? In this episode, the noted futurist and transhumanist, Jay Langweil, is joined by some of the most technologically savvy people around; a Finnish enthusiast for the Internet of things, a German cloning specialist with a dark family history and a musical cyborg.

Featuring Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir (@sleepgiddy), Amy Jane (@StuffThusFar) & Nacho Sanguinetti (@Nachosi).

In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. So with a new revamped season of Project Runway beginning without them, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are bringing the finale of their own groundbreaking audio-only fashion show to the open stage. Join them as the two finalist designers, a disruptive beekeeper and a copyright-infringing street artist, send their collections down the runway to see who will be the next big name in podcast fashion. Aufwiedersehen! Featuring Janina Rook (@Rook_ToGo), Marne Litfin and Marisa Llamas.

Legendary news team Carlos and Yessica have travelled all the way from their native Argentina to learn about Berlin and maybe heal the wounds inflicted by their contentious divorce. They are joined by sports commentator and political satirist Rocco Lo Sasso and sex advisor Alexandra Garcia Marquez to deliver the important stories and litigate their once fiery romance.

Featuring Julieta Degese and Michele Guido (@sheley).

All aboard the open stage! The super-cool social media influencer behind the super-viral #HubahnsOfBerlin is taking us on joyous tour of his favorite thing in the whole world: the BVG, Berlin’s public transportation system! Dennis is joined by some of his favorite “Hubahns”: a subway astrologist, a dark existentialist bus driver and someone who is definitely a little Italian boy.

Featuring Michele Guido (@sheley), Georg Kammerer (@GeorgFKammerer) and Matilde Keizer (@thisisongoing).

A man with anterograde amnesia must figure out why he invited three people to join him for a live podcast episode before his memory resets. Can the tattoos on his body explain why he’s friends with a prolific fantasy novel author? Can a polaroid shed some light on his frequent trips to visit a sandwich artist at Subway? Can the insides of his eyelids reveal whether he killed his own wife or her devious twin? Featuring Amanda King (@attawoman) and Marisa Llamas (@Marisa_Pokeshot).

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and love is in the air! To celebrate, we’ve got two of Berlin’s best/most-in-love comedians, Caroline Clifford and Antonia Bär, taking over the stage. Expanding on their recurring segment from the monthly show “It’s That Time of the Month,” they’re cuddling up and dishing out relationship tips to another comedy power couple, as well as a special celebrity couple in town for Berlinale! Featuring Caroline Clifford (@localgrrl), Antonia Bär (@iambaer), Josie Parkinson (@josieparkinson) and Andrew Ritchie (@poorlilritchie).

Taking the stage for this first installment of “Act II” is the renowned Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek, who, as it turns out, is a big fan of the podcast! He’s hosting the hosts themselves, Steindor and Trevor, along with other noted Berlin podcasters Janina Rook (@unverschaemt) and Julia Joubert (@whatsthemate), on an episode to teach them about the philosophical intricacies of the audio medium.

Featuring Julia Joubert (@julzjoubert), Janina Rook (@Rook_ToGo) and Noah Telson (@telsonia).

For the second time, Trevor and Steindor tried to book 13 time NBA-All Star and Dallas Mavericks franchise player Dirk Nowitzki for an episode, but again he had to cancel because of a basketball conflict. So the guys were “home alone” so to speak, until a group of movie villains raided the theatre - a pair of non-dry bandits, a goblin of sorts, a holiday grouch and a German non-terrorist. Featuring Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir (@svefngalsi), Carl Clancy (@carlclancy), Caroline Clifford (@localgrr), Kevin Napier and Dan Stern (@DanielandStern).

Put on your--como si dice--”dancing shoes” and get ready for this episode hosted by Italian DJ, Ricardo Mirabile. He’s spinning an hours worth of the best Italian disco music to get the BOSS crowd out of their seats and also to distract himself from the prophecy that he is the anti-christ. He is joined by his loving mother, an amnesiatic ABBA-fan and star of the film Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer. Featuring Matilde Keizer (@thisisongoing) and Nicole Ratjen.

This magical and mystical Berlin Open Stage Show was hosted by renowned mentalist “The Amazing Remember Roy.” Warning: He can read your mind! In addition to his trickery, Roy was joined by fellow illusionists Kristo Evaristo, a Greek mindfreak, Lil Mageezi, the viral YouTube millennial magician, and identical twin performers Wilfried and Boi. Featuring Marisa Llamas (@Marisa_Pokeshot) and Nacho Sanguinetti (@Nachosi).

Conspiracy theory debunker and anti-anti-vaxxer Ruth Hader Samberg hosts the Berlin Open Stage Show this time around. With her expert knowledge and #RuthTruth, she picks apart every established conspiracy theory and finds the logical explanation. Her panel guests are experts on the lizard people who control the world, a pizzagate-esque koala sex ring and the life and supposed death of Paul McCartney.

Featuring Emma Aldridge and Amy Jane.

Lover of cinema, Alvin Fadin, has finally finished his screenplay after 6 and a half years of toil. He hosts a reading of his masterpiece on this week’s Berlin Open Stage Show with a group of renowned actors, a vampire film named Ship Sails Over Crimson Land. Also his agent calls in from Hollywood, to discuss the financial side of the business of show. Featuring Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir (@svefngalsi), Carl Clancy (@carlclancy) and Caroline Clifford (@localgrr).

Happy Thanksgiving from international food celebrity, Trevi Fowntaine, who is taking The Berlin Open Stage Show on a ride through his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada with “A Very Trevi Turkey Day aka The Triple V Thanksgiving Turk-tacular and Power Hour of Gratitude with Attitude Plus Friends.” He’s joined by some of his best friends in the world: a name-changing grifter, a tough bouncer with a soft side and a military grade robot designed to chop lettuce. Featuring Daniel Stern (@danielandstern) and Matilde Keizer (@thisisongoing).

Sports and business expert Coach Ronnie Ray Baker hosts the Berlin Open Stage Show, training the listener in the art of running a company. Joining him are a second-hand store owner and a Spätkauf entrepreneur who long to learn at his feet. Also on the podcast is CEO Dennis Holm, whose whirlwind rise to the top can best be described with a series of press releases. Featuring Clementine Davies, Mac Edgerly and Josh Telson (@joshwithpowers).

It’s a star-studded affair on The Berlin Open Stage Show this week as celebrities gather to raise money for charity. Rick Astley, singer of the 80s hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, is joined by co-host and Nobel Prize laureate Bob Dylan to assemble musicians to perform a song that will heal the world a little. Sting, Axl Rose, Jennifer Lopez, Nena, Jay Kay, Meatloaf and Lionel Ritchie all donate their time to make the world a better place. Featuring Julieta Degese, Blake Farha, Sara Nere, Janina Rook, Nacho Sanguinetti, Ben Southam and Jakob Wagner.

2011 NBA champion and future Hall of Fame power forward Dirk Nowitzki was booked to appear at The Berlin Open Stage Show this week. However, due to a scheduling conflict with an actual basketball game, he had to cancel. The show was therefore cancelled and the stage left empty. But the recording device kept rolling and some spooky things occurred… Featuring Andrew Blumhagen (@hagendays), Amanda King (@attawoman) and Jakob Wagner (@JGrotewohl).

As teams from all over Europe get ready to kick off this year’s UEFA Champions League action, disgraced sportscaster Court Masters is here with his expert analysis. Joined by a British sports historian, a French sex addict footballer and Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, he provides insight into this winter’s competition, along with some thoughts on the global conspiracy regarding Earth’s shape. Featuring Noah Telson (@telsonia) and Amy Jane.

Resident intellectual and internet famous scientist, Howard Noughts, takes the stage to discuss all that’s going on in the world of science with a panel of scientific experts that include an eager catholic school teacher, a mellow experiential scientist, and the infamous producer of the hit Swedish television series, “Science Night Live!” Featuring Antonia Bär (@iamabaer), Michele Guido (@sheley) and Josh Telson (@joshwithpowers).

The funniest and calmest people in the business gather for a hilarious dose of inner peace. Esteemed entertainer Dr. Jim Garry Lynch is known for combining the two disciplines of comedy and meditation. This week, he’s recruited a Christian spiritualist, a bankrupt ASMR artist and a taint soothsayer to chill everyone out. Somebody make him stop! Featuring Matt Cutler (@mattcutler) and Matilde Keizer (@MatildeKeizer).

San Diego native Chad Olson, a self-described lover of life and fugitive from the law, hosts this week’s episode. Weed changed his life! He's joined by fellow marijuana enthusiasts, including a weed grower, an inquisitive cannabis chef and a spiritual healer, to talk about the sticky icky and international extradition treaties.

Featuring Marisa Llamas (@Marisa_Pokeshot) and Kevin Napier.

In a celebrity-filled episode, the teachers at gather for a Masterclass on how to teach Masterclasses. The inimitable filmmaker Werner Herzog is joined by country music star Reba McEntire, young adult author R.L. Stine and conservation scientist Dr. Jane Goodall to discuss all things masterclass. Also, in an exclusive phone interview, Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla and Space X, discusses his relationship with Grimes and his plans to colonize Mars.

Nightlife legend, Wolfi Steckenpferd, is joined by a panel of the coolest clubbers in town to discuss the weekend that WAS and the weekend that WILL BE at the best club on earth, Berghain. Has Wolfi grabbed the Guinness record for staying awake for the whole 36 hour party without falling into a K-hole? Find out on this week’s BOSS podcast.

Featuring Caroline Clifford (@localgrr), Amanda King (@attawoman) and Julia Weiss (@Weiss_Tea).

Every Thursday at 11pm, Comedy Café Berlin opens its stage to a random group of people to record their own live podcast episode. The Hosts, Steindor Jonsson and Trevor Silverstein, have no control over the signups, which means they are forced to accept whatever happens on stage. So, come along for a wild ride with some of Berlin’s craziest characters!.