January 9, 2018

Nicholas Eberstadt on North Korea

Is it realistic to expect a diplomatic solution to North Korea’s nuclear threat? Political scientist Nicholas Eberstadt assesses the situation.

December 18, 2017

Charles Taylor on Democratic Degeneration

Philosopher Charles Taylor identifies three degenerative tendencies that routinely plague modern democracies. He concludes that we’re experiencing all three of them right now. How can we reverse the decline?


November 16, 2017

Nicholas Eberstadt on Men without Work

Political scientist Nicholas Eberstadt addresses an overlooked crisis in his latest book: the radical rise in unemployment for American men over the past half-century.

October 16, 2017

Roger Cohen on Trump and the Postwar Order

What remains of the postwar order under President Trump? New York Times columnist Roger Cohen analyses the current political situation in the US and Europe and affirms the need to stand up for liberal values and decency.

July 27 2017

Kerry James Marshall and Trenton Doyle Hancock

In this rare encounter between two outstanding American artists, Trenton Doyle Hancock meets one of his artistic inspirations, Kerry James Marshall, for an extended discussion about painting, collage, and comics.

Beyond the Lecture is a podcast series by the American Academy in Berlin, an organization committed to sustaining and enhancing the long-term intellectual, cultural, and political ties between the United States and Germany.