January 9, 2018

Episode 8: Robert Faber (Two Fellas Brewery)

Robert Faber is the co-owner of the Two Fellas Brewery in Pankow, Berlin, along with Michael Moineau. Both were born in the United States and brewed at The Castle Pub before opening their own space. The Two Fellas Breweryopened in September 2017 and is bringing an amazing set of different craft beers to the area. In this episode, we talked about homebrewing and its learning process, craft beer In Germany, setting up a brewery in the Pankow neighbourhood of Berlin and the craft beer trends of 2018.

December 2, 2017

Episode 7 - Lorenzo Pilia (Talk & Play)

Lorenzo Pilia is an Event Organizer, Host and Curator in the games field. In Berlin since 2009, his main creation is the Talk & Play, a bi monthly event that provides the opportunity for game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet and exchange knowledge. He’s also the Programme Manager of A MAZE. / Berlin, an international label in the field of independent games and a member of Saftladen, Berlin’s first indie game collective and co-working space. His website is In this episode, we talked about the first videogame he ever played, the indie game scene in Berlin, the future of virtual reality and how Berlin might attract more and more people of this industry..

November 22, 2017

Episode 6 - Stuart Braun (City of Exiles: Berlin from the Outside In)

Stuart Braun is a Journalist and the Writer of City of Exiles: Berlin from the Outside In. Born in Sydney, lived in Melbourne, Tokyo, travelled through Asia and Europe before settling in Berlin in 2009. His book is about Berlin attracting people from all over the globe and the restless spirits that have come and gone from Berlin across the last century. In this episode, we talked about his book, the writing process, how writing it was also a quest for his own purpose in the city, Berlin being "over" in 2012 and whether or not Berlin's recent changes might have an impact on who it attracts.

November 1, 2017

Episode 5 - Noah Telson (Comedy Café Berlin)

Noah Telson is one of the Founders, current Manager and Producer of the Comedy Café Berlin. Born in the United States, finished high-school in Berlin and after graduating in the US he decided to come back to the German capital. Stand-Up comedy and specially Improv are two of his greatest passions and since 2015 that has taken him to open and run the Café. In this episode, we talked about the comedy and improv scenes in Berlin, the incredibly diverse agenda of the Neukölln Café, running a Kickstarter campaign and how Germans do have a sense of humour.

October 16, 2017

Episode 4 - Nadja Vancauwenberghe (Exberliner)

Nadja Vancauwenberghe is the Editor-in-chief and one of the founders of the magazine EXBERLINER. She was born in Paris, lived in London, New York and Moscow and she's been in Berlin since 2002. In this episode, we talked about arriving to Berlin and speaking all the wrong languages, starting an expat-oriented magazine in a new, pumping city, identity politics, hosting refugees and being a war reporter.

June 14, 2017

Episode 3 - Julian Boyce (Santa Cantina, Santa Maria, Piri's Burgers, Santa Maria Eastside)

Julian Boyce is the owner of Santa Cantina, Santa Maria, Piri's Burgers and Santa Maria Eastside, in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. He is from Sydney, Australia and he's been in Berlin since 2006. In this episode, we talked about the Mexican food scene in the city, the fresh concept of his new restaurant Santa Cantina and about what led him to open 3 restaurants in 9 months during Berlin's coldest winter ever.

May 20, 2017

Episode 2 - Gyn & Milk (Carla Carvalho)

Carla Carvalho is a fashion designer and owns her own fashion brand. She comes from Lisbon, Portugal and she's been in Berlin since 2015. In this episode, we talked about her clothing line GYN & MILK, why Berlin is such a great city for up-and-coming fashion designers and the challenges of managing a fashion brand.

May 5, 2017

Episode 1 - Saltbread (Rob Willis)

Rob Willis a.k.a. Saltbread is a music producer, songwriter and composer from Norfolk, England and he has been living in Berlin since 2010. In this episode, we talked about his work as a producer at the Phlexton Studios in Kreuzberg, his new EP "Stand By My Rhythm" as Saltbread and also about Berlin's inspiring character for musicians.

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