July 31, 2018

Episode 56: Swamp Thing

In Anrea Bowers’s “Open Secret,” Bowers takes over the entire gallery with multi-media work, but the main attraction is the 19 by 4 meter wall standing in the middle of the gallery, like an office bulletin board, covered in long red scrolls of paper printed with the allegations and, when available, public replies of 100 men who have been accused of sexual aggression and violence in the #metoo and #timesup movements. When I read a brief description of this exhibit online, I was pretty excited about it.  Of course I was interested in seeing an artist’s interpretation of #metoo. But when I read a longer description, I admit I was actually put off: I hate text-based art in general, with very few exceptions. Especially long texts because: why not just write a book?

Tracks used in this episode are Eunice Two-Step, by Zydeco musician Amédé Ardoin, and Early Stomp, by Catahoula Curse.  Tracks used under the Fair Use Act.

June 26, 2018

Episode 55: The Ball Is RoundWRP

In Antje Vowinckel’s “The Goal,” the artist blends the voices of the announcers across multiple sports channels, languages and countries. This mix makes them sound like a pantheon of gods, setting us poor humans on the giant pitch of the Earth, introducing something everyone wants — a round ball — and then sitting back and watching us fight for it, sprinting, pulling, jabbing, kicking, diving to try and change the course of events, pushing people down to make sure they don’t get there first, arguing or acting and trying to make it look like none of it’s our fault so we can avoid penalties… and occasionally seeing an opportunity that can only work as a team to save the game

May 8, 2018

Episode 54: Manon de Printemps

Ever wondered what it’s like to have an art exhibit? To have someone see the beauty in your creative soul and want to share it with the world, hang it in a gallery and talk about it to complete strangers? The French call it exposer –which isn’t at all terrifying– and the young artist Manon Gineste experienced just that at her very first art exhibit earlier this year in Paris, no less.  A truly enriching experience. 

April 8, 2018

Art 53 - Gilded Feelings (Got No Rythm)

Artipoeus visits Monica Bonvicini’s Guilt at Joseph Koenig Galerie in Berlin.  I can’t get past the chains of this piece. Chains evoke industry, and slavery. Imprisonment.  Being tied down – the old ball and chain. To be more precise, I can’t get past the language of the piece.  German, French, Italian and Spanish gender their nouns, and in all of those languages guilt, as a noun, is masculine. But “chain” is feminine.


March 4, 2018

Art 52 - Artipoeus Does Duttnhoody

Artipoeus takes a field trip with the boys from Duttnhoody to Berlinische Galerie, and has a chat about pop art, technology and the weather

February 20, 2018

Art 51 - We Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Is Impressionism punk? Find out what Artipoeus thinks at Austin Lee 's TOMATO CAN at PERES PROJECTS in Berlin.

Special thanks to Dead Sentries for original tracks. You can download their music at !

January 30, 2018

Art 50 - The Big One

ARTIPOEUS TURNS 50!!! We visit Avigdor Arikiha's LANDSCAPES at Blain Southern, and consider the landscape of reaching the big 5-0 IRL (yikes!)

January 16, 2018

Art 49 - There And Back Again: An Art Odyssey

Artipoeus goes full sci-fi fantasy on a quest to visit Malte Kebbel's Monoliths on the Bridge of Spies in Germany

December 20, 2017

Art 48 - Lost & Found

Artipoeus goes to the LOST: 48 Hour Art Festival and speaks to artist Christopher Bauder about the digital, the analog, and being lost... and found.

November 13, 2017

Art 47 - À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu

Artipoeus explores the art of Affichisme - the torn posters in the Paris Metro

October 25, 2017

Art 45 - Nevermind The Bollards

Artipoeus visits Jennifer Abessira's DON'T THINK TWICE at London Bridge Station in London, UK

September 27, 2017

Art 44 - Say My Name

Artipoeus visits Francoise Schein and Barbara Reiter's project INSCRIRE at Westhaven Ubahn station in Berlin.

September 11, 2017

Art 43 - All The Dinner Parties In The World

Artipoeus visits Henrik Stromberg's ECHOES IN DUST at Gallery A Plus in Berlin

Artipoeus takes listeners on a journey through the world of art, from the biggest museums to the graffiti in the streets, exploring how we use art to cope with the world around us, and discovering the art in us all. Because art is everywhere.